Tax and Financial Consulting

Since 2006, accountants have also been able to provide financial assistance.

Financial advice has as its object the planning and monitoring of financial objectives and resources of every possible economic entity, which, being not in possession of adequate skills and professionalism, turns to a professional of the sector, the financial advisor.
            The consulting activity enters into the merits of the individual economic and financial issues by evaluating the possible choices of investment and financing and the related effect on the financial equilibrium general of the economic entity.


Financial Consultancy Object

With the implementation of the European MiFID directive (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), the Italian investor can choose to entrust his savings to a new figure in the financial world: the investment advice and investment brokerage firm (SIM) the financial advisor.
            The pure consultancy SIM is able to assist investors in choosing optimal and adequate solutions, protecting them from advice spoiled by conflicts of interest, characteristic of the sales activities of banks and networks of promoters. The SIM of pure consultancy in fact, unlike the other intermediaries, is paid directly by the client in order to work in the client's interest. Above all, affluent customers with large estates benefit from the independent advice of SIM or Family Office; for some time, they have come up with the idea that it is better to trust paid professionals, rather than to be advised "free" by those who offer non-transparent products.
The financial consultant performs the same activities as the consultancy SIM, only that he performs it as a natural person, as a freelancer, with the requirement of independence and in the absence of conflict of interest and therefore also remunerated exclusively by his client. < br>              The consulting Sim is an intermediary subject to supervision by Consob and the Bank of Italy and the authorization for the investment advisory service is issued with the following operating limitations: "without holding, even temporarily, customers' cash and financial instruments and without taking on risks by the Company itself" (art. 1, paragraph 5, of the legislative decree 24th feb. 1998, n. 58, lett. f).

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