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Milano, Via Della Spiga, 36
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Specialists in International Law for the possible acquisition of residence in Milan / Italy

The Firm

Studio Galimberti - Business Consultants operates mainly in the tax and financial sector on the express mandate of customers, which is followed in a capillary manner for any and all needs in the tax and financial field.
Particular intervention is made in the preparation of the information tax with specific assistance to litigation.
The Firm is able to follow companies and activities in the various product sectors for their introduction and participation in public and private tenders, also for obtaining European funds and access to the subsidized benefits granted by the European community.

The Firm specializes in international law and is able to follow foreign companies, including non-European ones, for the establishment of Italian companies participated in international parent company groups, suitable for the transfer of the logistic / administrative headquarters in Italian territory for the achievement of benefits tax in progress, also referring to the acquisition of Italian residence by foreign entrepreneurs.
The type of services that are offered ranges from business consultancy to financial assistance and to the presentation and introduction of customers in leading Italian and foreign credit institutions.
In addition, the firm is able to provide a prestigious corporate domiciliation service in Milan, via Della Spiga and via Manzoni, to companies that are not physically present on site and to grant homeowners the opportunity to use these prestigious offices and to be able to insert them for purposes. advertising with the legal and / or administrative headquarters, and also to be able to take advantage of a personalized call-center service.
Among the services that Studio Galimberti Commercialisti is able to offer, the vast knowledge of the banking sector and the consolidated opportunity to open new relationships entrusted in the context of the credit institutions affiliated with the Studio itself are at the forefront.
It follows that Studio Galimberti - Business Consultants is able to provide first-rate tax and financial advice.

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Our services


asset management

Assistance and Consulting
Tax and Financial

Financial advice has as its object the planning and monitoring of financial objectives and resources of every possible economic entity ...


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Corporate domiciliation

Corporate Domiciliation

Corporate domiciliation, at our prestigious addresses in Milan , is supported by an accurate tax assistance at our firm, which deals with over 30 years of tax and financial advice , therefore to avail of a complete administrative support...

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Sale of real estate assets and Italian brands


The studio manages Italian real estate assets and BRANDs that are placed on the international market for their sale and / or the creation of funds for their enhancement by international investors....

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Info and contacts

Offices and Headquarters:  Milano Via Manzoni, 41
Tel. 0039 335-59.35.619

Administrative office:  Milano Via della Spiga, 36
Tel. 0039 02-

Operative office h. 24:  Lentate S.S Via XIV Maggio, 35
Tel. 0039 0362-55.79.05