Corporate Domiciliation in Milan

The corporate domiciliation, at our prestigious addresses in Milan , is supported by an accurate tax assistance at our firm, which for over 30 years he has been dealing with tax and financial advice , therefore making use of complete administrative support , as well as the presence of qualified personnel .

We offer companies the opportunity to elect their professional domicile in the center of Milan , where activities related to fashion , design and are concentrated finance .             

  • - Via della Spiga, center of fashion and design
  • - Via Manzoni, international financial center

It is simple to choose where to elect your registered office and your tax domicile if you are an expert of the proposed locations, " Via della Spiga and Via Manzoni (in front of Monte Napoleone) ", authoritative addresses and known all over the world and, confident of our thirty years of experience In the tax-financial sector, we are able to guide companies interested in domiciliation and fiscal and financial assistance in all the procedures for this purpose, and in particular the relocation to Milan of foreign activities, eager to qualify with the made in Italy .


They are proposed in combination by concentrating the declarations for national and community operations in a single location, with particular reference to the tax deductibility following the new English regulations imposed by the BREXIT .

What will you have with domiciliation


trasferimento di chiamata

Call transfer

You can use our call forwarding service, you will be given a telephone number with the prefix 02.
                         Our switchboard will forward incoming calls to your Call Center number, or to a number that you will indicate to us.


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Assistance & Consulting
Tax and Financial

Financial advice has as its object the planning and monitoring of financial objectives and resources of every possible economic entity ...

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Info and contacts

Offices and Headquarters:  Milano Via Manzoni, 41
Tel. 02-

Administrative office:  Milano Via della Spiga, 36
Tel. 02-

Operative office h. 24:  Lentate S.S Via XIV Maggio, 35
Tel. 0362-55.79.05 - Fax. 0362-56.90.90